The first unified Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution for Lawyers
All of your legal work in one place: CRM, Emails, Documents, Tasks, Time-Tracking, Invoicing, and Communication
An Integrated Solution
Leveraging Microsoft 365
The single platform for apps like Outlook, Word, Teams, SharePoint, is the powerfully integrated engine of Skyline Legal for Dynamics 365
A Unified Platform
Skyline Legal for Dynamics 365 boasts capabilities for managing matters, documents, time entries, expenses, contacts, emails, and calendars on a single CRM for lawyers
Infinitely Extendable
Through Microsoft’s powerful platform, Skyline's solution helps automate business process, while the Power Platform stands ready to connect your system with hundreds of other common apps
Effective Legal Case Management
with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Matters in Skyline Legal are case records connected to the contact records of your clients, the account records of other businesses, and the user record of the responsible attorney.
Timelines are created for each Matter, logging emails, phone calls, notes, or any activity related to a particular case.
Documents are systematically stored under a unique SharePoint folder created for each Matter and are accessible through both Skyline Legal and SharePoint.
On Time-tracking and Invoicing
Integrated with Toggl and QuickBooks
All tracked time is automatically pushed from Toggle through our pre-built integration, stored under your Matter record in Dynamics 365, and added to the next client invoice.
Invoices are then automatically created each month for each one of your clients based on your preferred billing type.
Once approved, all invoices are automatically pushed to QuickBooks Online, and, once paid, all payment details are pushed back to Dynamics 365.
Toggl is a market leading time-tracking software with desktop, web and mobile application, allowing your team to track time related to any Matter or Task.
Expenses can be created for any matter or client, sent for approval, and automatically added to the client’s invoice each month.
Whether hourly or fixed price, billable or non-billable, invoices will be automatically pushed to QuickBooks online each month and payment details can be pushed back to Dynamics 365.
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Integrate with your favorite tools
Find answers with industry-leading business analytics service — PowerBI
Income for this month
The indicator shows the sum for all invoices that have been generated for the selected month
Unpaid by Customer
Shows the top 10 customers that owe us
Paid by Customer
Shows top 10 customers that brought us more money
Total unpaid
Displays all unpaid invoices in the current year
Unpaid for this month
Displays the sum of all invoices that haven't been paid yet
Write off
Shows the sum of all invoices that the company decided to cancel
Average rate
All billable added to the invoices devided by quantity in hours
Lost for this month
Shows the difference between tracked time and time billed to the Client. For example, when some time entries were excluded from the invoice
Income over time
The user analysis chart shows the trend of users' behavior and shows two lines: how many hours were tracked and how many hours were included in the invoice. In a good picture they should be the same. It can be filtered by customers and by users
Comparison of Invoice and time entries
Shows the difference between tracked time and invoice in money for each created invoice for the specific company, by default, grouped by month but can be expanded. In this case, a user will see particular customer invoices this month
Top 10 Bad and good Users
Displays us correlation of used time to invoiced time
Example: User tracked 100 hours per month, but only 22 hours were added to the invoice. 22/100* 100%=22% It means that their efficiency is only 22%
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Frequently asked questions
Emails and correspondence
The Outlook integration with Dynamics 365 allows easy and fast email tracking to Dynamics 365. Attorneys can also sync the Outlook contacts from their phones or laptops into Dynamics 365.
The attorney will also have the ability to estimate the number of hours allotted for each matter on the Matter form in Dynamics 365. Once the estimated hours are added, another field called 'Remaining hours' will calculate the difference between 'Estimated hours' and 'Tracked hours.' Additionally, users can specify if the hours tracked are billable (added to the invoice), not billable (not added to the invoice), or not charged (added to invoice with $0. charge).
Invoice and Expenses:
Invoice automation creates an Invoice for each matter on the first day of each month. If an invoice is needed in the middle of the month, the user can also create a new invoice for a specific matter at any time by clicking the "Create Invoice" button on the Matter Form.

The Dynamics 365 Invoice includes three types of data: Hours, Expenses, and Admin Fees.
  • "Hour" - time entries added for the last month under the Matter or Client.
  • "Expenses" – expenses added for the last month under the Matter or Client.
  • "Admin Fee" - is calculated as the sum of all Time Entries * 3%.

Time entries can be grouped two different ways on the invoice:
  • All time entries by one attorney for each day.
  • All time entries by task.

This option can be set up manually for all time entries by a responsible person.
When the user is ready to publish an invoice, the user will be able to review each line item, adjust any field as necessary, and press the button 'Push to QuickBooks.'
SharePoint Folder Creation
When a new Matter is created, a SharePoint folder will also be created with the same name as the matter with subfolders. This SharePoint folder will be available in both SharePoint and directly in the Dynamics 365 matter. Additionally, part of the folders will be available only for the admin group.
If you would like to provide access to limited matters for your users, it can be quickly done by admin-only settings. Only the admin group may work with such matters, and only they may see and update information.
Matter segmentation
Similar cases enhance timely support for your clients by viewing similar matter suggestions in Dynamics 365. Using advanced similarity rules based on matter type, attorneys can review other matters similar to their current case to help them maximize efficiency and resolve client issues on first contact.
Billing and Rates
Dynamics 365 allows users to specify an agreed price per hour or fixed price in the Matter record. Once an Opportunity is closed as Won, a matter will be automatically created in Dynamics 365. Since the Matter and Opportunity are connected, the system will be able to create an invoice with the correct prices by priority which you have chosen:
  • For user = fixed price (for any matters)
  • For Accounts or Contacts = fixed-price or specific price per lawyer
  • For matter = price per user OR fixed

Rate may be set up:

1. For the specific Customer, it means that all time entries will inherit this amount.
2. For the specific matter – only for this matter rates will be set up.
3. The rate can be defined as general - this rate will be set up for all Lawyers.
4. Also, you may add a specific rate for the particular lawyer.
5. By default, each attorney will have default rates for all their time entries, they will be applied unless you create specific ones.