SMS Solution For Dynamics 365

Engage with customers, leverage advanced marketing capabilities, and keep track of clients’ communication history on a seamless interface with SMS solution for Dynamics 365.

Use Skyline SMS solution for

Simplifying the Communication Process

Save time and increase Contacts’ engagement by sending personalized text messages.

Sales Acceleration

Boost your sales team productivity and avoid duplicated contact with saved whole messaging history.

Marketing Capabilities Extension

Add another step to your marketing campaigns to gain more efficiency.

Internal Tasks Simplification

Set tasks reminders for users and make sure important things are on their radar while out of office.

Business pains solved

1. Employees fail to establish personalized communication with the client

2. Managers need to supervise sales reps' communication history

3. The conversation thread is lost when the client is transferred from one sales rep to another

4. Using third-party tools for SMS marketing

5. Overpay for incoming text messages

How does it work

Upgrade your Dynamics 365 Timeline experience

and see all communicational channels in one place.

We offer to take a full<br>control of all client's <br>activities in Upgraded Timeline! It is extremely easy and <br>intuitive to respond and <br>keep track of SMS, emails, phone calls, tasks <br>and notes.
See messaging history just <br>like on your phone! We transformed standard Timeline experience and designed it for users to <br>send text messages <br>directly from CRM records.

Start sending SMS from your Dynamics 365!

Reveal more about Skyline SMS solution for Dynamics 365 – customers’ benefits, how it works, how to get it installed, and how to use tutorials. Book a demo now and our experts team will be in touch.

Choose Plan to Meet Your
Business Demands


Seamless time tracking and reporting designed with freelancers in mind


Free for up to 5


Built for small teams to work at a fast pace without a lot of overhead


per user per month


Tailored solutions for your large or complex organization


Custom pricing

What makes Skyline’s SMS solution for
Dynamics 365 different

Everything in One Place

Two-way texting

Multiple entities supporting

Customized SMS form design

Phone number validation

Full Contact’s messaging history

Drag & drop attachments

Free incoming messages

Opt-out functionality

Informative errors and hints

Bulk messaging

SMS templates

Automatic cost calculation

Incoming messages notifications

Turnkey solution installation

Unlimited customization options on demand

Discover How SMS Solution
Can Optimize Your Business Operations