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DJK Counsel LTD. – Case Study

DJK Counsel partners are dedicated to removing the stress and uncertainty from business and real estate transactions to provide a calm mind and alleviate stress from their clients. DJK’s mission is to handle the deals and disputes while business can concentrate on growing the Empire.


DJK Counsel, LTD. is a small law with 8 years of experience in the market and 22 years of total experience in jurisprudence, based in Century City, California. They strive to provide the quality of representation of a large firm while still supplying the personalized attention of a small boutique firm to aid their clients in handling business and real estate deals and disputes.


Before coming to Skyline, DJK Counsel had already attempted various other solutions for their workplace challenges but found that most of them work out-of-box and could not work with them to fulfill their ambitions and let business scale. DJK needed something that could bring their ideas to life, support their vision, and enable them to integrate their different services to save time for their team – one overarching brain to help maintain the quality and speed of a law firm and facilitate the work of non-technical people.


Through meeting with Skyline Consultants, DJK Counsel found Dynamics 365 for Legal to be the perfect solution to meet their needs and to combine all the necessary working tools in the unified Microsoft ecosystem, while saving themselves countless hours of manual labor.

Dynamics 365 for Legal provided DJK with the opportunity to optimize their digital legal, time management, and billing solutions while collecting all their software products such as Microsoft Office, Toggl Track, and QuickBooks to work as a unique overarching organism. This provided a means for DJK to seamlessly integrate all their daily tasks into one easy-to-monitor interface.

By implementing Dynamics 365 for Legal solution, Skyline has built a system for DJK which covers the law business needs from the client management and marketing processes (CRM aspect), employees’ time management (Toggl Track integration), to the invoicing and billing (QuickBooks integration) freeing up the partners and attorneys for the meaningful work. The invoicing process has turned from a complex and time-consuming to fully automated excluding manual labor. If a special case arises, a few minor manual adjustments are needed to fulfil the timesheet and it is ready to send.

Another great challenge faced by a law firm was document management. Together with the partner Epona Skyline managed to build a continuous file management system through SharePoint specially designed for legal firm purposes. Document can not only be attached to the respective matter document location but also be properly distributed and labeled according to the pre-defined structure.

To make it possible for DJK to grow and scale, Skyline has implemented a solution to help them with onboarding of new employees. This allows adding a new employee at whatever level is necessary in as little as 5 minutes. The full solution developed by Skyline for DJK is flexible enough to handle the addition hundreds of new employees, unlike the solutions DJK attempted previously, which were very inflexible, unmodifiable and could not scale with their growing ambitions.

Migration to Dynamics 365 for Legal with Skyline Consultants enabled DJK Counsel LTD. to meet their current business needs, visualize the ongoing processes for executives to monitor on the interactive dashboards, save time on day-to-day manual tasks, and prepare the groundwork for any further expansion they choose to pursue.

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