Communication and Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a platform for communication, file sharing, and app integration. Initially, it started like a messenger, but later it developed in a multifunctional tool. MS Teams works within the MS 365 ecosystem as a separate app, and as the addition to other products – it is integrated with over 250 MS products. It helps to customize the workspace and secure data sharing within the organization. However, the external users can also join groups and channels via the invite link.

Why Skyline for Microsoft Teams

As a consulting company, we focus our attention on the business side of the problem. Our aim is not to sell the software product or force the business to purchase a costly solution. So, in the first stage, analyze the client's business and architect the best solution for its optimization.  Then we help to deliver a modern, creative, and reasonably priced solution. Our MS 365 product expertise helps us use the MS productivity cloud's power to the client's needs.  We architect and deliver seamless and efficient processes from sales to the government sector.

Answer more client's call 

Regularly prove the status updates to the customers

Increase the successful resolution rate 

Use more upsell and cross-sell opportunity

Optimize the equipment usage  

Provide technical maintenance without the downtime

Organize the perfect guest management 

Improve customer service

Ask us a question to see how it
works from the side of the client

Why Microsoft Teams?

Individual and Group Chats

Communication with teammates in a group or individual chats, collaboration, and file sharing.

Multichannel Broadcasting

Ability to create several channels to broadcast on the different audience within a company.

Call Recording and Sharing

Video and audio calls can be recorded and shared with teammates in the chat.

Compatibility with Other MS 365 Products

Teams is compatible with other products in the MS 365 environment.

Organizations that need Microsoft Teams

Compatibility is one of the strongest benefits for MS Teams. Whatever Microsoft cloud product the team uses, it can cooperate and collaborate in Teams. The user can plan the corporate meeting, for example, in MS Outlook and automatically add the link to the invite. Also, Teams allows file sharing, viewing, and editing directly in the chat window. The in-built process building apps can send the notifications in MS Teams to inform the submitted users about the process stages.

IT companies


Using Microsoft Teams, the teams of engineers, developers, project managers and other IT professionals can share files, make comments, discuss the project milestones, and even invite the external users to clarify some issues with the customer representatives.

Marketing Agencies


Direct collaboration in the chat helps to fasten the process of promo materials creation, comments and fixes. Besides, it is possible to send the file directly to the recipient in Outlook.



For the public sector, the use of cloud messenger and collaboration platform, integrated with the automatic processes, can improve the document flow and make it easier to process the many requests without losing the details.



In the banking sector, they can use Microsoft Teams as the internal corporate messenger that guarantees the high security level and protection from the unauthorized access.


Manage your large mobile workforce efficiently
with Microsoft Teams