Automate sales with Dynamics 365 for small businesses

Today’s market allows small businesses to choose from an overwhelming number of options for their sales and marketing systems. At Skyline Consultants, we believe that the capabilities, sustainability and flexibility of Dynamics 365 Sales make it the best choice for small and mid-sized businesses. Now, we are passionately committed to turning that belief into reality for each one of our SMB clients. 

Leverage Dynamics 365
for Sales to:


Improve conversion and win rates


Accelerate time to market


Improve coordination between sales and marketing


Unify relationship data and processes

What is Dynamics 365 for Sales?

Dynamics 365 for Sales is a cloud-hosted CRM and Sales Automation platform, built on a unified data model that fully integrates with all Microsoft related systems. Dynamics 365 boasts powerful AI capabilities to:  

  • Put Your Sales on Cruise Control with Dynamics 365 Sales 
  • Automate sales with market-leading software tailored to the needs of your business 
  • Identify key sales with numerous icons demonstrating their capabilities

Sales Intelligence Driven by AI 


Meaningful use of AI and big data becomes a matter of survival for businesses due to growing customer expectations and competition. Dynamics 365 provides you with market-leading intelligence to sell smarter, supercharge the skills of your staff and keep the lead nurtured through every stage of their lifecycle. Predictive and adaptive algorithms and an AI-driven assistant analyze the accumulated data to help your sales team instantly act on new opportunities and prevent risks from getting out of hand.

Automate recurring tasks


No matter the recurrent tasks your sales team deals with, there is likely already intelligent and intuitive automation that addresses that need. Our team knows how to implement it into your business and eliminate paperwork, data entry and excruciating searches for information. This solution can reduce operational costs, free up more time for actual sales and convert more leads by working with the right tools.

Intuitive pipeline management


Build the sales funnel that perfectly captures leads and efficiently drives them through every stage of the process. Keep all your data and communications in one place to offer the right product or service at exactly the right time. Skyline will provide you with help to allow your sales staff focus on what really matters - making the most of the right sales quickly.

Staff performance optimization and KPI tracking


Enhance your team’s performance by implementing straightforward KPIs based on any and all customer interactions and behavior. The performance indicators will be automatically tracked and analyzed to find spots in your pipeline that require improvement and distinguish the best practices to improve your sales team’s performance.

Why choose D365 for Sales for my business

The market-leading sales solution to keep your
clients happy with you, your employees and your products


Manage your large mobile workforce efficiently
with Dynamics 365 for Sales