Industry-leading marketing automation tailored to your needs 

Build industry-leading marketing automation campaigns on Dynamics 365 for Marketing. Let the system take care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on building meaningful relationships with your clients. Dynamics 365 for Marketing will help your business convert more leads, deliver the right marketing messaging at the right time, streamline the pipelines, and automate marketing’s repetitive tasks. 

Leverage Dynamics 365 for Marketing


Attract the right prospects


Get custom analytics for unique insights 


Track and prioritize leads


Orchestrate customer journeys

What Skyline with Dynamics 365 for Marketing can do for your business

The first project Skyline Consultants ever worked on had to do with marketing automation. We were able to use Dynamics 365 for Marketing to create an integrated solution that helped improve the efficiency and productivity of the company to an extent that directly reduced the user’s workload from nearly a week’s time down to a 10-minute process.

Personalize customer experience to increase demand


We utilize built-in no-code visual editors to create streamlined marketing processes with highest possible level of automation. The solution will be tailored specifically to your target audiences on mobile and web. Launch marketing campaigns to deliver messages triggered by transactions or lead status changes.

Align sales and marketing activities for optimal lead lifecycle


Smooth integration with D365 for Sales increases productivity and improves coordination between marketing and sales thanks to carefully adjusted workflows with automated nurture campaigns, follow-ups, and transfer of sales-ready leads. A combination of the Sales and Marketing solutions helps to create a single view of prospects and unify all the business data in one place where it can be easily analyzed and managed. Built-in intelligence and a combination of sales and marketing data help you focus on the right leads and convert more with less effort.

Make informed business decisions with configurable built-in analytics tools


D365 for Marketing comes with prebuilt and custom marketing analytics tools and data dashboards that we’ll use to connect data from all the different business channels to drive meaningful and calculated growth. Analytics capabilities of the system and the data extracted from Dynamics 365 Customer Insights will allow you to always target the right audience and instantly see the most lucrative areas for improvement.

Streamline content creation and management processes


D365 for Marketing allows you to easily run A/B tests on your content and to automatically deliver the right messaging to the users. Enterprise-grade solution boasts usability of a SaaS even in complex matters like managing multi-channel marketing campaigns. The system also comes with tools to build campaign asset (creatives’ editors, reusable content blocks, content templates, etc).

Why Skyline Consultants and D365 for Marketing

With Skyline Consultants you can harness the full power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing to reach more people, convert more leads, and sign new deals easier than ever. We craft tailor-made marketing processes automation to provide you with exactly the analytical, distribution, and automation capabilities your business needs.

We offer the services of an experienced team of business analysts and consultants with a proven track record who will apply best practices and innovation to boost your operation.

Perfectly suited for an agile business that aims to grow at scale.

Is easy-to-use yet offers advanced configurability.

Provides in-depth analytics with built-in prediction and planning tools.

Has a scalable architecture that can handle enterprise-level processes complexity.

Cloud-based technology with instant accessibility for you and your staff. 

Mobile app that helps you work from your mobile device.

Provides a single customer record with just one decision center.

Seamlessly integrates into the D365 solutions' family.


Manage your large mobile workforce efficiently
with Dynamics 365 for Marketing