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Marcstone – Case Study

A Missouri-based custom cast stone manufacturer supplying custom architectural stone throughout the United States, dedicated to maximizing the freedom and performance of their clients while providing spectacular variety and industry leading service and craftsmanship. 


Build-A-Stone creates and delivers stone that is asuperior alternative to natural stone. They are committed to crafting stones using an extremely durable and densely engineered limestone mix that will stand the test of time – likely outlasting most houses.


Build-A-Stone needed a CRM solution that would manage their referral process, several different call script types and email follow-ups that their sales representatives managed on a daily basis.


Skyline Consultants was able to assist Build-A-Stone by defining and documenting all needed processes on BPMN diagrams, building system workflows to automate template and script selection and creating automated phone call follow-ups from customer action steps.

The Process:

Build-A-Stone implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Skyline Consultants as their Microsoft partner of choice. Skyline Consultants helped Build-A-Stone clarify and define their key internal sales processes at the beginning of the project. This process began with formalizing and documenting lead generation and sales processes on a series of BPMN diagrams. These processes were then converted to actionable steps in Microsoft Dynamics 365 through out-of-the-box functionality and the Power Automate platform. The Build-A-Stone team was able to automate and optimize their prior manual routines, resulting in more sales calls and engaging customers based on their communication history, and analysing theirperformance in Microsoft PowerBI dashboards.

Build-A-Stone needed a CRM solution that would help them manage their referral process as well as manage several different call script types and email follow-ups their sales representatives dealt with daily. The solution was able to use Dynamics 365, Power Automate, and Power BI to create one complete solution.

Managing Referrals & Sales with Dynamics 365:

Before Dynamics 365, the company had a database in Excel of potential clients that made it difficult to manage call results and the dates of the next call/email. It was difficult to analyse the sales efforts because there was no way to track how their clients found their company when the purchase was initially made in Shopify.

Now the process is automated. The phone calls are generated by the system whenever there is a trigger action, such as a call back request or missed call. The clients then get personalized email messages and offers based on this contact data. When the customer makes a purchase in Shopify, the system marks the Opportunity as Won. Finally, the newly implemented Power BI charts showed how many sales came from the website compared to the company’s other sales efforts.

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