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ONG Enterprises – Case Study


ONG Enterprises operates in the Construction sector and is committed to maintaining the highest quality relationships with every client, contractor, and vendor they work with.


ONG Enterprises needed a solution for their construction projects that would allow them to easily manage and update all their vendor balances directly from the job site. After struggling with maintaining vendor relations, ONG Enterprises reached out to Skyline Consultant to assist with solving this problem.


Skyline Consultants assissted ONG Enterprises by leveraging Dynamics 365 with the Power Platform to create a mobile app that could track, process, and update vendor balances from any device, without leaving the job site.

ONG Enterprises met with the team at Skyline Consultants and together began documenting the process exactly as needed on BPMN Diagrams. With these diagrams, Skyline Consultants determined that a mobile application built on PowerApps, with a backend in Dynamics 365, was the solution ONG Enterprises was searching for. The team at Skyline Consultants used those diagrams to create a prototype of the desired application before beginning full development. After one more iteration of modifications to the BPMN diagrams, Skyline Consultants began development of the production Vendor Management application desired.

Within 30 days of finalizing the design prototype, Skyline Consultants delivered a fully functional mobile application, built on PowerApps, that allowed ONG Enterprises to easily manage and update all their vendor balances directly from the job site. In addition, using Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the backend, Skyline was able to deliver a full web portal for ONG to access all their vendor accounts from any device, creating a seamless user transition from the work site to the office.

These new tools allowed ONG enterprises to maintain their high standards of client, contractor, and vendor relationships while staying productive, efficient, and mobile on the work site.

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