Stand Up for Kids – Case Study




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Stand Up for Kids – Case Study

An American non-profit that digitizes operations to streamline efficiency and cut costs for their clients. 


Stand Up for Kids is an American non-profit fighting to end youth homelessness. The organization provides counseling, mentoring and life-skills training to underprivileged children and youth. Additionally, the team strives to provide a sense of safety, hope, and belonging through their housing support, drop-in centers and street outreach.


Stand up for Kids has historically relied on outdated pen-and-paper-based processes which have led to data loss, inaccuracies in tracking and reporting and a lack of accountability. The only way to address these challenges was to launch a unified and automated solution that would address all of the business’ needs from a single application, improving efficiency and cutting operational costs.


When Stand Up for Kids first got in touch with Skyline Consultants, their goal was to streamline and automate recurring tasks with an efficient solution that would keep all of the organization’s information and operations in one location. Realizing the digitalization opportunities of Dynamics 365, the company expanded the project scope with software requests for donation supervision, financial support and volunteers’ control. Dynamics 365 will now serve as the main engine for all operational processes of Stand up for Kids.

Stand Up for Kids use cases:

  • The responsible user logs every incoming hotline call to Dynamics 365. The user then completse a questionaire with the caller about youth-related challenges in their area and their current needs. The phone call can be converted into a case in the Dynamics365 based on the age, location and current status of the youth. Each program offered by Stand up for Kids has specific stages and steps that help their young people graduate the program, get a job, become self-sufficient or even recieve enterpreneurial training.
  • Youth case managers have weekly meetings online in their mobile PowerApp. The case manager can add the attendees, their youth’s needs and any provided goods or services. When the volunteer has one-on-one meetings with their youth, they can set goals for progress over the next week and track ongoing and completed tasks. Everything is done and tracked on the phone or tablet to easily keep all system information up to date.
  • As a non-profit that recieves grants for their services, the Stand Up for Kids management team needs advanced data analytics and reporting. Dynamics 365 has been configured to track and report on all of the enrolled youth’s progress and results, and can display or measure these results using built-in dashboards and reports.

Dynamics 365 allows non-profits to stay up-to-date with the most recent digitalization trends, keep their documents and data safe in the single system and address any and all of their automation needs.

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