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Create and Update tasks
Create new tasks on any view in just one click. Selecting the comment bubble allows users space to type a description or note to reference at any time.

Task Status and Priority
Task priorities allow users to organize tasks as high, medium or low, and the status field gives users several options to easily understand where they left off with each task.

Subtasks allow users to increase the level of detail in their task list by linking several “sub-tasks” to a single “parent-task”. Users can add subtasks to any existing task, with an easy expandable view to view all sub tasks related to an existing parent task.

User-Friendly Dashboards
Native dashboards in Dynamics 365 provide a simple and convenient way to find, monitor, and manage tasks for the whole team. Expandable color-coded tasks allow for quick and easy methods to pick up right where you left off.

Custom Task Sorting
Users can sort and filter their tasks by any column in the task view. Sorting by priority is an easy way to stay on top of urgent tasks while sorting by estimated time creates a more productive daily workflow.

Assign tasks
Each new task created can easily be assigned to any user by clicking the photo of the user in the owner column and searching for another user’s name. All user photos will be automatically applied from the Dynamics 365 user photos.

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    This is what customers are saying...
    The customization necessary to optimize D365 processes were not possible in the out-of-the-box task management solutions we investigated… making the decision easy to use D365 Task Management by Skyline Consultants. This decision gives us confidence and proof of our commitment that technology generates ROI benefits time after time and year after year.
    Eddie Dieker
    President, EcoShield Exteriors

    The Task Management tool has the wow factor of colors, ease of reprioritizing on project base, individual views for daily review, and it is all in the same system as our data!  We explored at least 8 different software solutions for each of these functions.  The relief it is all contained in the same system we must have open when working with clients or reading all our email gives me hope for full user adoption.  

    Maralise Hood Quan
    Executive Director, Center for Dialog & Resolution
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