How to Uninstall Field Service from MS Dynamics 365 v9

If you have accidentally set up Field Service or want to delete it, this article will guide you through the step by step deletion process.

  1. Go to Settings – Advanced Settings – Solutions
    Dynamics 365 Solutions Settings
  2. msdyn_FieldServiceTrial
  3. msdyn_FieldServiceGeofencing
  4. Remove Geofencing SDK step
    PowerApps: Remove Geofencing SDK
  5. msdyn_Geofencing_Patch_1
  6. msdyn_IoTHealth
  7. msdyn_IoTProviders_Patch_1
  8. IoTProviders
  9. msdyn_CFS_Patch_1
  10. ConnectedFieldService
  11. msdyn_IoT_Patch_1
  12. IoTConnector
  13. msdynce_FieldServiceHealth
  14. msdyn_FieldService_Patch_6
  15. remove msdyn_/Utils/head.js from a user form
  16. remove msdyn_/Utils/head1.0.3.js from contact form
  17. FieldService
  18. That’s it!
  19. If you have added any related customizations, a message will appear which can help you access the dependencies you will need to remove.

Hope it helps.

One response to “How to Uninstall Field Service from MS Dynamics 365 v9”

  1. Hana says:

    Hi. I wonder if you can help me. I’m trying to delete the latest trial field service and I haven’t found some paths, for example:
    Is it possible, that they are renamed? Can you help me?
    And I have one another question, exists somewhere on internet space a good manual for removing a Project Service as well?
    Thank you so much!

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