It is relative to state that a manager’s purpose is to achieve results through the activities of other people.  However, the manner in which HOW one manager works with and through others with or without an element of heart has that character for victory or failure of outcomes.

An affirmative leader who achieves positive results will truly benefit the other members of a group, office or organization. Therefore, that kind of leader, in one way or another, fulfills his/her personal goals. Furthermore, this leader’s ability to expand his/her capacities to the members of the team by inspiring and directing them to gain new and better skills for more productivity spells (underscored) unlimited value and success of the group.

How? Plain and simple. CONNECTEDNESS through MICROSOFT TEAMS.

Microsoft Teams is a unified communications stage that combines: (1) persistent workplace chat, (2) video meetings, (3) file storage (including collaboration on files), and (4) application integration.

Teams will allow a team manager or administrator to invite communities, groups, or teams to join through a specific URL. It provides the leader with a venue or channel for unlimited chats, meetings, calls and training sessions within the team. Additionally, the guest-access feature in Microsoft Teams allows a manager to invite people outside his organization to join internal channels for messaging, meetings and file sharing. This capability helps to facilitate business-to-business project management. Each channel can include a couple of users or scale to thousands of users. It will allow members to communicate with one another without the use of e-mail or SMS and reply to posts with texts, images, GIFS, and personal memes and its integration with other Office 365 apps such as Powerpoint, Sharepoint and Exchange makes this possible. This capability also allows managers to send private messages to one member rather than to a group of people through connectors – MailChimp, Facebook Pages, Twitter, and Bing.

A manager will be able to collaborate business dealings with his members in real-time and near real-time with laptops and mobile devices. This is possible because of Microsoft’s integration with video conferencing hardware vendors that whether he be home or abroad when a beneficial idea crops up in one’s mind, he can easily communicate this to those in the team who are concerned. He can make voice over calls to his members through the Office’s Phone System, too. He, too, can receive and transfer calls from landlines and mobile phones on the PSTN (public switched telephone network) which is the world’s collection of interconnected public telephone networks. This allows maximum coordination with the team members and clientele over business concerns ASAP.

Among other advantages, Microsoft is also introducing direct routing, which lets clients connect an existing PBX (Private Branch Exchange) or Session Initiation Protocol trunk to Teams. Other Teams calling features include voicemail, E911 support, speed dial, and several other capabilities.

Overall, the acquisition, application ad continued use of Microsoft Teams in one’s organization whether business, educational, financial, etc. can prove exceedingly constructive for successful endeavors not only for its manager/leader but more importantly, for the entire group.

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